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Cookie Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in Sam's Sugar Cookies! I can not wait to design the perfect cookies for your event. Please fill out the form below for a quote and I will get back with you via email as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours). 

Please note that the completion of this form does not guarantee my availability for your event. Once your order is confirmed a 50% deposit of your order is due at time of booking and the other 50% is due a week prior to your event unless your order is in 7 days or less, full payment would be due. Please review my pricing before submitting an inquiry. Thank you!

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to keep your scheduled order please give me a 2 week notice so that I can refund your order. You may also receive store credit for future orders if preferred.

Cancelling within the two weeks before the pick up date will result in NO REFUND OR STORE CREDIT. At this point supplies, materials and time have been spent on your order. If a sickness happens such as COVID it still results in no refund since your product has already been made. Sugar cookies freeze for up to 3 months and will still taste as fresh as the date received.

If your order is moved to a different date no charge will be given unless I am already booked. At that time I will be able to determine if I can proceed with the order and based on time needed it may result in a CHANGE DATE FEE.

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